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Happy Skankin'

April 14th, 2010

attention artists @ 08:36 pm

Dear Artists,
I’m currently student teaching with students in K-2 and I thought it might be cool to do an art exchange to get them excited about art. My goal with this project is to have my students realize that there are people that make art part of their daily lives like you!

This is what I’d need and what you would get:

I’d need: 1 picture personalized for the particular class and a short letter or video I can show on my laptop. This letter or video should address how and when you realized you love art, what type of art you make, and a short bio on you,

You’ll get: an entire class to draw you pictures about you/your art and I’ll mail them too you.

I think this sound like a really fun project and I can do it with as many or as little classes as I want so if your interest please do this!


*all art/video/letters should be kid appropriate (do even use the word butt, its bottom!)


February 7th, 2010

WEBSITE @ 04:26 pm

 hey everyone my website is up and full of content
check it out

January 1st, 2010

New Years @ 08:41 pm

+Study Abroad
    +Lived in Italy (now I notice the small things of American that makes it charming, and the wonderful things about other cultures)
    +Went to Fairy Tale place- Cinque Terra, Neuschwanstein Castle...
    +Traveled to: Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Paris, Sweden, Dublin, Salzburg, Munich, The Mountains (PA and NY), Boston, DC, NYC...
    +Became very knowledgeable of public transportation
    +Found a love Independence
+Turned 21
+Became more knowledgeable of Art History
+Pretty much finished up college
+Great Developments in my Art
+Matured a fucking lot
+Almost a 3.5 GPA overall
-Job Loss
-Haven't seen Megan enough

This Year
+Have a solo art show (non traditional space acceptable)
+Organize and simplify my life
+Paint More
+Change the world (though city year)
+Figure out if I'm actually going to be an Art Teacher
+Cali Road Trip?/1 Week at the beach doing nothing/Not working this summer
+Turn Terence and Ryan's Apartment into a Gallery for a night

Figure out my career path and have a steady job so I can:
+Buy and fix up a place in south Philly
+Buy and fix up a farm and turn it into a Artist Commune (Retirement Plans haha)
+Kids and love and that shit



October 5th, 2009

SPX 09 @ 11:01 am

SPX report:
Started out Friday driving down to Baltimore with Terence for the readings and nerdlinger awards. This was my first comic reading and it was awesome. loved the booze and cake as well. I will definitely be going to that comic store again it was like heaven. After the Nerdlingers we got to the hotel and met up withjoshpmpassive_mission,radrobot,nervousystem, nedriodcomics ,wormulus, and dancingcomi</div>c (it wont let me link to flyn and anthony ill fix later) we did some jams including the infamous cool guys one which Jamie scanned. Then I went to bed in a room with 7 people in it and it was awesome.

woke up and got some bagels tuna melt for breakfast then went in SPX. over whelmed I immediately went to Joshs table and soaked it in. then i began looking around and loving everything. I made sally sally_bloodbath show me what to buy. I traded some bought lots spent like 250 dollars on the whole weekend (not terrible including room food and whatever.). went to a faffel house for dinner with a huge crowd we all introduced ourselves drew some comics and had a great time. after BT, Terence and I went and got some beer and headed back to the awesome room of 332 and people came back from the ignatz and drank bear and drew jams all night. lots of jamz. The Jams were done with all the people mentions above + Emmi, Nate Powel, and Leigh. Im totally love Nate Powel just putting that out there.

next day I bought tons of comic and read comic and ate cipotle and had everyone make a birthday card for josh. Which was is favorite part of my present! thanks guys!

and i got out of the parking lot for free and got home relatively really and read boxbrown 's book and went to bed.

once again thanks for the card everyone!

NOW my interpretation of "The Bottle"

Its a hypothetical romance that ends with a sad result. The Bottle and The girl meet the go on a day the get intimate (the drinking) the romance runs out and hes put back on the shelf and forgotten.


September 23rd, 2009

SPX 09 @ 08:10 pm

Cant wait this is what im bringing


Ciao bella again and a new graphic mini call the bottle.
so stoked


June 30th, 2009

(no subject) @ 11:38 pm

must do art
must own scanner
must post art for you all


May 30th, 2009

MOCCA @ 02:19 pm

I'm really excited for mocca, and i'm really excited about having my own and first mini. (wyoming not included)

May 4th, 2009

(no subject) @ 09:26 pm

I want to exhibit some artwork and photos somewhere when i get back. and I very excited about this. any advice on good rates in a gallery or what ever?

March 26th, 2009

Paris @ 01:05 pm

so as it turns out Kate and I are wonderful travel buddies. Paris recap day by day
4 days under cutCollapse )


March 22nd, 2009

Rant @ 03:01 pm

Ok so i went to Paris last weekend and it was bomb. and I'll write all about that after a dumb rant:
My roommates here and I are just too different they make little click and talk about those who aren't around and begin to resent the ones who aren't around. this originally happen to my one roommate Victoria and now its happening to me. here's the kicker... I've been trying not to care because i don't need them to like me but my not care has just made them more pissed at me. It's making it hard for me to live here. ive spent the past few night on kates couch cause i wanted to hang out with Alex Pelkey and I came home and my roommate just start screaming at about cleaning the bathroom. Sorry ive been busy non stop for the past week and i did a quick job but serously the bathrooms dont need to be scrubed on hands and knees everyweek. thats retarted. I really think they are jeleous of how much im traveling and how many people are visiting me.
And all this drama and seeing Terence is just making miss Albright so much. It hurt that Elise didnt tell me she quit WXAC... because when i come home her not being there will deffinately effect my life. I need to know these things. I miss America and knowing about how things work and how to speak the language.  AND I need josh time, we havent sat down and had a conversation since he left. its hard because we are both bad at talking on the interent. I just want his face. and I miss my parents, they rock.
AND on top of all that on out of my sensitive tooth toothpaste. my teeth still suck dispite the rootcanal.

BUT I am having a wonderful time. Paris was awesome, the night life is great. the art is absoltely unbelievable. I live in the city that the Venus of Urbino is in... FUCKING LOVE THAT PAINTING. The city is beautiful. I get to skip lines and go places for free with my Uffizi pass. really  sweet food. I've been doing SO much art because its just flowing out of me... and thats what I came here for the art.. I get to go to Austria on Thursday, and i'm doing great with my money dispite how much i spent the first month.

I have one friend that would go to shows with me but she was away last night when eagles of death metal played here and I was too nervous to go allone. but thats ok theres a bunch shows for me to go too when i get back to philly.

Im not gonna let drama ruin this for me.

Happy Skankin'